Deep Dives

Stay ahead of the digital curve

Our Deep Dives are short courses offering a closer look at key areas of innovation. They combine sessions with experts and practitioners alongside practical workshops to provide public servants with an overview of leading edge practice in focused areas where the pace of change is particularly rapid.


Deepen your understanding of digital tools and innovative solutions

How do you ensure that the digital systems and services you are responsible for are secure from cyber attacks? This course provides public sector leaders with an overview of the cyber threat, and key defence strategies. Examine how to build cyber awareness across your organisation, integrate cyber security into design and decision making processes, and protect legacy systems. Learn how to evaluate and critique your organisation’s approach to cyber, to provide active leadership in managing this critical risk. Review case studies of cyber attacks and defence strategies from across the public sector, take part in a simulated exercise to evaluate the cyber security of a proposal for a new digital service, and hear from some of the most innovative companies shaking up cyber security in the UK.

Designing innovative procurement policy

This course will allow you to build on knowledge of different routes to market, and learn how to design procurement policy to foster innovation. Take an in-depth look at how procurement can either inhibit or drive innovation. Using case studies, develop your understanding of the importance of collaboration and the value of having a technology perspective in procurement. Apply project management concepts to digitising procurement. Using these tools, you will be able to reflect on your own experiences with procurement, and reflect on how the process could have been improved, as well as how a more innovative approach would have improved efficiency.


by practitioners


for practitioner

Hands on
Focused on providing tools and strategies that you can apply in your workplace
Hear from experts and innovators at the leading edge of policy and practice. Examine case studies of pioneering approaches from public sector organisations around the world
Build your network across the public sector and with the digital ventures pioneering innovation in your sector
Focused, live format, virtual short courses that can be taken on their own or as supplements to our longer courses
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