Innovators' Fellowship

Build the future of public services
Learn from digital experts, investors and entrepreneurs during a 12 week immersive experience for aspiring innovators, officials and high fliers gearing up for leadership roles.

The Fellowship is a full-time programme based on a startup placement, practitioner-led teaching and individual mentoring. Fellows learn how to tackle digital transformation head on, implement new technologies and working practices to drive change. 

Learning Objectives

Startup Mindset
Gain an insight into the mindset, methodologies, business models and technologies
Accelerating Transformation
Use new technologies, innovative processes, and networks to drive change, drawing on public sector case studies
Initiating Innovation
Take an idea from concept through to prototype, using agile methodology to test and refine
Integrating New Technologies
Be exposed to new technologies, understand their use cases and limitations, and how to integrate into existing systems

Course Topics

Gain the core skills to drive transformation in the public sector
Agile Working and
Startup Culture
Learn how to apply agile working methodology. Experience startup culture and working practices.
User-centred Design
Learn about user-centred design and how to apply it. Understand core product design principles and tools used in product development and design.
Tech Fundamentals
Understand different technologies including AI, cloud, and data science, and how to integrate them successfully alongside existing systems.
Business Fundamentals
A mini-MBA: understand commercial forecasting and modelling, market-sizing, risk, accounting, and growth.
Driving Innovation
Understand how organisational structures, systems and culture can incentivise innovation within the public sector.
Gain a deeper understanding of your sector, including the big players, startups and institutions, and the market trends.
Understand how procurement design can enhance innovation, and how to build creative partnerships with suppliers.
Growth, Investment and Value
Understand how companies raise capital, how investors value new ventures and why this is important for the public sector.
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The Learning Experience

Full-time, 12 week programme designed to immerse Fellows in innovation and new technologies
Remote-first programme with key touchpoints in central London, including orientation week and a graduation event
Small cohort size (15-30) to ensure all participants receive sufficient support
Startup Placement
10-week curated placement in a GovTech startup
Mentorship and Coaching
Weekly individual mentoring and coaching to step up your personal impact
Innovation Project
Design a game-changing solution to a live problem in your organisation
Practical Tools
Live, interactive learning sessions with practitioners, tools and strategies, public sector case studies, workshops, and study groups
Build your Network
Access to an innovation ecosystem of 100+ startups, lecturers and mentors, plus the growing network of PST Innovator Fellows
Access to course resources after the course, plus quarterly alumni events including talks, workshops, and networking

Who is this course for?

Economic Adviser, Regulatory Authority.
He wants to utilise new technologies and innovative working methods to improve performance within his role.
Public Health Strategist at a London Borough.
She wants to learn how she can drive digital transformation within her organisation and improve her career prospects.
Deputy Director, Ministry of Justice
They want to gain a deeper understanding of their sector and how to best drive innovation within it.
Head of Policy at a Combined Authority
She wants to learn how she can apply startup strategies and working principles to her organisation.

From learning to implementation

Take your project a step further

Maximise the value of the Innovation Fellowship through INNOVATION +, a follow-on service providing lightweight incubation and prototyping capability to support organisations to develop Innovation Fellows’ project proposals.
Build internal ability to make targeted investments to unlock innovation, and to develop the use of agile methodology to test and refine new products and services in the field.

Investment Commitee
Minimum Viable Products

Rapid discovery and prototyping to develop a mock-up product, test with users in the field and iterate to user feedback

Assess the value of prototypes against investment criteria and allocate further funding to develop minimum viable products

Develop MVPs of the prototypes that meet your investment criteria, and trial them in your workplace

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