Leaders In A Digital Age

Accelerate effective transformation
This course provides public sector professionals in leadership roles with the digital literacy and leadership skillset to confidently shape their organisation’s digital future, to conceive and drive through new strategic change initiatives, and to orchestrate and sustain an entrepreneurial, pro-innovation culture.  
"Many problems stem from the inability of senior decision-makers to engage effectively with the difficult decisions required to implement technology-enabled business change."  
The challenges of implementing digital change in government, NAO

Learning Objectives

Technology and the Citizen
Understand the major drivers of digital transformation, and how to use technology to integrate services around citizens’ and businesses’ needs
Leading Innovation
Understand the structural, process and cultural changes you can initiate to make your organisation more pro-innovation, and how to navigate uncertainty
Data: Strategy, Value and Ethics
Discover the potential for better use of data to manage knowledge, generate insights and maximise value for citizens
Digital Transformation
Understand how to initiate, plan and sustain a high impact digital transformation strategy within your organisation
Investing in Innovation
Have the skills to evaluate investments in new technology and assess and manage the risks

Course Topics

Unlock opportunities and learn how to drive digital transformation
Digital Transformation
Effective leadership of business change involving new technology. Understand implications for financing, commercial partnerships, delivery methods and governance.  
Disruptive Technology
Explore Cloud, AI, Automation, the Internet of Things and Smart Systems, VR/AR, Low Code/No Code, and how to integrate alongside legacy systems.
Instinctively Innovative Organisations
The role of the leader in disrupting hierarchies and empowering teams.  
Sparking culture change, cultivating entrepreneurship and fostering talent to drive innovation.
Data: Value and Ethics
Data as a strategic asset.  Data analytics to drive better decision-making.  Open standards, open source code, interoperability and why this matters.  Data ethics, managing privacy, consent and security.
Citizen-centred Design
Effective citizen-centred service design and product development, and how to put customer experience at the heart of service delivery.
Understand the role of procurement in digital innovation, how to apply agile commercial approaches and work with govtech SMEs.
Managing Legacy Systems
The costs and risks of legacy systems (technical debt), how to develop a coherent plan to replace them, and integrate innovation alongside existing systems.
Investing in Innovation
How to make sound investments in innovation, based on clear evaluation of the costs and risks of legacy systems, and of adopting new technology and systems.
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The Learning Experience

A high impact part-time programme over 6 months
Part-time, 6 month programme designed to equip leaders with the knowledge and the tools to transform public services for citizens and modernise the way the public sector operates.Remote-first programme with key touchpoints in central London, including orientation and graduation events
Practical Tools
Live, interactive learning sessions with practitioners, tools and strategies, public sector case studies, workshops, and study groups
Scaleup Immersion
2 day placement in a scaleup.  Experience first hand the capabilities, entrepreneurial culture and ways of working at a fast growing digital company
Build Your Network
Access to an innovation ecosystem of 100+ startups, lecturers and mentors, plus the Innovator Leaders alumni network
Leadership Mentoring
Personal coaching to develop skills for leading in the digital age, empowering teams and navigating uncertainty

Who is this course for?

Director for Public Service Reform at a Combined Authority.
She has a remit to improve efficiency and develop more citizen-centred services.
Programme Director at a Local Government Authority
She is aiming to improve implementation of new technology within her organisation to make better, data-driven decisions.  
Director of Transformation for an NHS Trust.
He wants to learn how to drive digital transformation and foster a culture of innovation within all members of his organisation.  
Director in a central government department.
He wants to improve his knowledge of cybersecurity and how he can reduce vulnerabilities in the digital projects within his organisation.

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