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Our unique approach to learning

At the PUBLIC School of Technology, we believe every civil servant should be equipped with the necessary skills to deliver effective public services, empowered by top-class technology. Through our 4D Innovation Learning methodology, we’ll help you and your organisation grasp the opportunities of digitalisation and unlock better outcomes for citizens today.

When you work with us, you will find a programme which is:

Join forces with an ecosystem of public and private sector pioneers


Practical learning enriched by hands-on experience in new environments


Embrace iteration, trial and fail-fast-learn-fast to start your innovation journey


Learning-oriented discovery to identify the optimal training solutions for your context


Discover and embrace new ideas from a wealth of expertise to disrupt the status quo


Mentors, advisors and faculty with proven expertise across academia, NGO and public sector organisations

Read more about our 4D Innovation Learning methodology here

Pathways to impact

We design programmes which address the unique needs of your organisation - at any level and at any stage of your innovation journey
Not sure where to start? No problem.

Discovery Pathway

We’re not just problem-solvers, we’re also problem-finders.
We help to locate your organisation's pain points, understand how to address them, and build a bespoke learning programme to put into action.

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Our clients

A global ecosystem of experts

At the PUBLIC School of Technology, we know the value of collaboration.

That’s why we’ve built an ecosystem of world-class experts in innovation and digital transformation bringing insights from government, startups, and academia. We regularly involve PST Partners in our programmes in order to bring our customers the very best the world has to offer for innovation learning.

Check out some of our past and current PST Partners who’ve helped us make impacts on a range of programmes.

Mitch Weiss
Management Professor
Harvard Business School
Created and teaches the school's course on public leaders and private entrepreneurs who invent a difference in the world.
Gary Stewart
CEO and Founder,
Former Managing Director of Wayra UK. He has co-founded several startups and is a Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at Yale Law School.
Marta Krupinska
Head of Google for Startups UK
Head of Google for Startups UK. Chair of YBI & Acua Ocean. Co-Founder of FreeUp & Azimo.
Rachel Neaman
Former Chief Digital Officer,
Department of Health
Board member for DigitalHealth. London and Digital Leaders. She is also a former CEO of two charities.
Meet our PST Partners
“Every aspect of public service requires a digital element. Digital becomes the axle by which things get done and digital enables change. It is imperative that every civil servant has some semblance of technical acumen.”
Jacky Wright
Chief Digital Officer at Microsoft US.
Formerly Chief Digital and Information Officer, HMRC.
“Those working to develop public services need to understand how to manage digital change, by which we mean how government brings together data, processes, technology and people to deliver high-quality and effective services to, for and with citizens. This requirement creates a challenge for the skills and capabilities of everyone involved, including senior decision-makers, senior responsible owners, delivery teams, digital leaders, those providing assurance and suppliers and delivery partners.”
The challenges in implementing digital change,
July 2021
"Understanding the implications of the digital world is no longer a nice to have for senior leaders in the public sector, but a must-have. With technology ever-present in all aspects of modern life, taking responsibility for maximising its benefits and mitigating its harms is every leader’s priority."
Rachel Neaman
Former Chief Digital Officer
Department of Health
“Digital products are increasingly driving the way we live and work, the public sector is no exception. Since the best products are made with the user in mind, it is becoming increasingly important for us to understand the processes and approaches behind product creation and user-centered design. The more we understand, the better feedback we can give, and the more involved we will be in the building of better products.”
Jonn Galea
Product Design Lead

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