Specialist Pathway

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Accelerate transformation in your sector with the Specialist Pathway. Develop knowledge and skills in leading-edge, in-demand emerging technologies from cyber security and resilience to artificial intelligence, to fast track your organisation’s digital capability.

The Learning Experience

Full-time, 12 week programme designed to immerse Fellows in innovation and new technologies
Remote-first programme with key touchpoints in central London, including orientation week and a graduation event
Small cohort size (15-30) to ensure all participants receive sufficient support
Global Industry Experts
Be taught by subject matter experts at the forefront of their practice and receive guidance through relevant and thought-provoking content grounded in your context.
Collaborative Practise
Access a network of vendor neutral, cross-industry, and multidisciplinary professionals to discover your own understanding of how to navigate and uphold the most effective processes within emerging technology fields.
Pain-point focussed
Experience the realities of your specialism and develop your skills through practice-based learning, enabling you to identify, navigate and thrive in the face of pain-points and challenges.
Three Pillar Approach
Courses designed and quality assured through a three pillar approach. The combination of subject matter expertise, contextual expertise and learning design expertise.

Specialist Areas

Cyber Resilience
Gain practical cyber security awareness to learn how to mitigate identified risks and drive a culture of cyber resilience.
Artificial Intelligence
Build a solid understanding of AI concepts, principles and use cases to hone your abilities when delving into AI’s applications across the public sector.
Internet of Things
Advance your ability to enable and further IoT operating systems and applications to rapidly improve the efficiency of public services.
Discover how to validate basic blockchain concepts, usage and considerations to leverage the best of what the technology’s capability can bring to the table.

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