The Leaders Pathway

Accelerate Your Leadership Impact
Develop the skills to put innovation at the heart of your culture through the Leaders Pathway. Learn how to promote and enable the right conditions to exploit emerging technologies and empower your organisation’s digital future.

Leaders Pathway Outcomes

Public sector leaders today are operating in rapidly evolving, challenging times. Success or failure in this environment impacts effective service design and delivery, public spending and citizens’ lives. The Leaders Pathway, built by experts at the forefront of innovation, helps senior leaders make an extraordinary difference in their organisation and learn how to:

Define, promote and embed an innovation culture to achieve operational excellence
Integrate user-centred methodology and mindsets to deliver meaningful impact as a strategic leader
Foster collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams to apply new insights to your services
Create frameworks that advance the practical application of emerging technologies and solutions across your organisation
Enhance strategic thinking to gain maximum traction on your technology initiatives.

The Learning Experience

Full-time, 12 week programme designed to immerse Fellows in innovation and new technologies
Remote-first programme with key touchpoints in central London, including orientation week and a graduation event
Small cohort size (15-30) to ensure all participants receive sufficient support
Leadership Mentoring
Dedicated and highly personalised coaching sessions to reflect on and action key learnings for leading in the digital age.
A Network Effect
Lifelong membership to the alumni network, granting access to PUBLIC’s ecosystem of 150+ startups, wider communities of innovation and expert-led panels and talks.
Immersive Learning
Simulated learning through role-playing and group debate applied to live case studies, designed for participants to solve challenges and develop action plans in response.
Future-Ready Tools
Bespoke toolkits created for participants by curriculum experts to anchor key emerging technology disciplines into real-world applications and established structures.

Key Programme Themes

Data: Strategy, Values & Ethics
Mature your understanding of data as a strategic asset capable of meeting your ambitions and maximising value for citizens. Come away with the ability to identify and implement effective data governance procedures to ensure the ethical implications of managing privacy, consent and security are accounted for.
Leading Innovation
Grasp how to navigate which applications of digital strategies would prove most effective in your organisation. Be able to adapt business models, structures and processes to create greater responsiveness to the opportunities of digital technologies.
Cyber Security & Resilience
Develop future-ready practices and approaches to embed cyber security into your organisation’s commercial strategy. Understand how to monitor compliance against cyber security requirements and work collaboratively with your suppliers to build cyber resilience in your supply chains.
Climate, Sustainability and Technology
Craft a sustainability transformation plan to take your organisation to new heights. Rise to the challenge of environment, social and governance (ESG) goals by identifying how to rally your stakeholders around your action-plan to complement overall organisational strategy.
Technology & the Citizen
Direct the integration and deployment of effective user-centred service design and product development and learn how to put customer experience at the heart of service delivery.
Future Investment
Know how to make sound investments in innovation through clear evaluations and cost frameworks that accurately assess the risks of legacy systems vs. adoption of new technology and systems.
Digital Transformation
Master digital leadership in an era of disruption. Build a robust understanding of how to craft your own digital transformation strategy and tackle the challenges that help or hinder successful digitalisation.
Innovation in Procurement
Boost opportunities for impactful transformation across Government through enabling better conditions to procure innovative solutions from the startup community.

Your goals don’t fit perfectly within one of these themes? No problem.

We tailor every programme to the unique needs of each client.
Let’s have a chat and build what works for you.

Who is this pathway for?

Economic Adviser, Regulatory Authority.
He wants to utilise new technologies and innovative working methods to improve performance within his role.
Public Health Strategist at a London Borough.
She wants to learn how she can drive digital transformation within her organisation and improve her career prospects.
Deputy Director, Ministry of Justice
They want to gain a deeper understanding of their sector and how to best drive innovation within it.
Head of Policy at a Combined Authority
She wants to learn how she can apply startup strategies and working principles to her organisation.

From learning to implementation

Take your project a step further

Maximise the value of the Innovation Fellowship through INNOVATION +, a follow-on service providing lightweight incubation and prototyping capability to support organisations to develop Innovation Fellows’ project proposals.
Build internal ability to make targeted investments to unlock innovation, and to develop the use of agile methodology to test and refine new products and services in the field.

Investment Commitee
Minimum Viable Products

Rapid discovery and prototyping to develop a mock-up product, test with users in the field and iterate to user feedback

Assess the value of prototypes against investment criteria and allocate further funding to develop minimum viable products

Develop MVPs of the prototypes that meet your investment criteria, and trial them in your workplace

Empower your teams