August 2, 2022

LGA Cyber Resilience

PUBLIC School of Technology developed online guidance and a free e-learning course to help councils embed greater cyber resilience in their procurement processes and supply chains.

Local Authorities across England
Local Councils across Wales
Local Government Officers with access


On behalf of the Local Government Association (LGA), the PUBLIC School of Technology along with our partner Daintta, developed online guidance and a free e-learning course to help councils embed greater cyber resilience in their procurement processes and supply chains. With the aim of interpreting and embedding the National Cyber Security Centre’s 12 principles of supply chain security for the local government context, the PUBLIC School of Technology created e-learning modules and web guides that offer targeted support in embedding cyber secure and resilient practices in the different stages of the procurement life cycle.


The PUBLIC School of Technology's e-learning resources were made available to over 21,000 councillors, accessible across the 333 local authorities in England and 22 in Wales. The learning materials are tailored to anyone with a role at any stage of the procurement cycle. All content is centred around accessibility so that it is valuable to everyone across all levels of cybersecurity maturity and understanding.

The e-learning modules provide a comprehensive educational experience that is designed to maximise information retention through questions based on the information introduced and relevant examples of local government procurement. The web guides provide an additional, fast-access option enabling learners to access information as needed. These resources aim to help councils achieve the cultural change necessary to enable professionals to make better security decisions.


With a variety of different council types, influenced by size, geographic location and levels of cybersecurity maturity, the first step we took in our ‘Discover’ phase was to understand the stakeholder landscape. In order for all materials to be produced with distinct relevance, we carried out an in-depth user research process incorporating stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and survey data to inform the design of learning materials.


The PUBLIC School of Technology brought upon expertise from our in-house design, learning programmes, external affairs & communications teams to develop learning resources that are evidence-informed in their learning methodologies, and have rich, engaging content. Our best practices are employed in conjunction with insights from user research to develop webinars, guides, and learning materials to promote cyber resilience.


Through a series of webinars, the suite of e-learning modules and web-based guidance were delivered to over 100 procurement officials and local government professionals. Each module teaches councils to be able to identify the cyber security risks within their supply chains, and third-party products and services, develop mitigation strategies to protect councils from risks inherent in supply chains, and prepare for cyber attacks when they occur.


As cyber attacks become more sophisticated and targeted, it has never been more important to ensure that councils are properly protected. Our work has led to the LGA making the resources, delivered with accessibility and access at the forefront, available to over 339 different English and 22 Welsh councils.

"The project was delivered on time and the wrap around care, presentations and willingness to help promote and publicise it has helped make this is a really successful project."
"Successfully managed to produce guidance and e-learning material of a technical nature which resonates with the non-technical audience it’s intended for which is exactly the outcome we were looking for."
"You were great, it was a really nice project to work on with a lovely, dedicated team – each member bringing something unique and extra to the table."

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